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Call Performance Training

Train your Team to Deliver Success on Every Call

SenseiCX offers top-notch automotive call training that includes consistent coaching and ongoing personalized training. Our training is designed to provide actionable feedback tailored to each individual, maximizing their potential and seizing every opportunity.

Elevate your Customer Experience Today.

In automotive sales and fixed ops, the difference between a missed opportunity and a success story is often one phone call. Elevate your team's phone skills, and watch opportunities turn into victories.

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Mentor Your Sales & Support Teams to Drive Revenue & Retention 

Science-Backed Methodology

Our training programs are based on deep social science research and psychology. Train proper techniques without scripts.

Monthly Recurring Training

We deliver an ongoing regimen to change call-handling behaviors and instill best practices.

Scored Interactions

Every agent call with customers is scored to track gains and opportunities for improvement.

Automated Reporting

Managers receive daily, weekly and monthly automated reports tracking agent progress.

100 Percent Tracking

All inbound and outbound call metrics are monitored and measured for full accountability.

Expert Sales Coaching

Our team teaches your front-line staff on prospect rebuttals and handling objections.

Transparent Positive Feedback

With constructive feedback, agents improve interactions in the shortest time possible.

Individual Agent Reports

Employee report cards track performance and progress over time.

Clean CRM Data

Sales teams are trained to improve CRM usage on all calls.


Cheerful busy call center operators working with clients over the phone


SenseiCX puts people power behind your dealership’s business.

  • AI analysis of every call 

  • Sales Call Monitoring and Training

  • Service Call Monitoring and Training

  • 100% US-based staff

  • Management Training Curriculum

  • Accurate reporting

  • Call Recording Solutions with TotalCX

  • Marketing ROI

Elevate your Customer Experience Today.