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The Downside of Using Scripts

Mark Rodriguez takes us “beyond the script” in his methods of training sales and service reps on proper customer handling techniques. Listen in!

Effective Behavioral Changes for Improved Customer Interactions

Mark Rodriguez captures it best with his description of the value of Guided Discovery Learning in BDC Training.  Listen in!

Fixed Ops Friday Interview With Gary Graves and Jennifer Sanford

Owen Moon and Fred Lennartz interview Gary Graves and Jennifer Sanford about the benefits that TotalCX provides to Fixed Ops managers and staff. Read More ...

CBT interview of Jack Behar

At NADA 2024, Jim Fitzpatrick interviewed Jack Behar about SPAM calls, how dealership outbound calls are often flagged as "potential SPAM" and how dealerships can correct that for their prospects and customers. Read More ...

CBT interview of Gary Graves

In this video, Jim Fitzpatrick and Gary Graves discuss customer experience and the ways dealerships can reduce "customer effort" to deliver consistent customer experience resulting in better business outcomes. Read More ...

Fixed Ops interview of Gary Graves

Ted Ings interviews Gary Graves and discusses the impact of increased "customer effort" on overall dealership satisfaction ratings -- and how to improve that metric. Read more ...

Nada 2024 was Amazing!

Even if you didn’t win the $10k hole-in-one contest, you can still win with a TotalCX telephone solution. Read more ...

Gary Graves Talks AI and Dealership Phone Handling

Check out Bart Wilson’s interview with Gary Graves on Driving Sales. Gary gives away some trade secrets on AI and how it can improve Dealership Phone Handling. Read more ...

Kubernetes Interview with Senior Software Engineer Jay Jackson

Senior Software Engineer Jay Jackson is interviewed onsite at Kubernetes.  Love to see our team members learning and growing! Check it out! Read more ...