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TotalCX Announces Addition of Chief Experience Officer to Leadership Team

by | Feb 3, 2023 | News | 0 comments
TotalCX is pleased to announce the promotion of Leez May to the role of Chief Experience Officer.


HOUSTON – Jan. 31, 2023 TotalCX, a leading provider of AI-driven customer experience management solutions, has announced a new member of the executive leadership team, Leez May, who has been named Chief Experience Officer (CXO). 

May joined TotalCX (formerly InteractiveTel) in March 2022 as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and Marketing Operations Manager. As she settled into those roles, she quickly expanded into other business areas. She evaluated internal processes and identified the need to improve customer and internal communications and workflow. 

“Customer experience is essential, and although businesses say they understand this, the focus is usually on sales and market penetration. Understanding the customer journey and the emotional drivers through the customer’s life cycle is key to creating the best customer experience,” said May. “But this also involves creating a positive experience for employees. Employee satisfaction directly contributes to delivering positive customer experience which subsequently influences the decision to purchase,” adds May.

The CXO role champions the customer journey and lifecycle to sustain a positive customer experience. It involves understanding customer perception and keeping track of key performance indicators (KPIs) for experience engineering. Building a positive customer experience includes ensuring employee satisfaction. 

May understands the importance of both the customer and employee experience, which drives her to not only understand areas of improvement but also discover ways to affect change. Her ability to make collaborative decisions with management and leadership team members is the foundation for her promotion to CXO and the next steps in her TotalCX journey. 

“As we continue to build the future of customer experience management, it is important to have a deep understanding of the entire customer journey from brand awareness to maintaining customer loyalty,” explains CEO Gary Graves. “Adding a Chief Experience Officer is aligned with our vision, and Leez May is the right person for the job and will excel in this role.” 

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