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Better Questions Deliver Better Results

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Blogs | 0 comments

(Originally posted on LinkedIn by Mark Rodriguez)

To solve a problem, you need to know what the problem really is. LIkewise, with a customer, you need to know what he or she really wants before trying to help them. Sometimes that’s hard to do on a phone call because you can’t read body language. I would argue that when you’re on the phone, you have the best opportunity to really understand what the person is saying - and what they’re not.  And, the only way to do this well is by asking questions.

After decades of sales and service training, I have observed all kinds of sales behavior. And, the people with the best results always ask the best questions. By leaning in and really listening, these reps learn the types of questions to ask and when to ask them. And, this is what I teach.  By using the Guided Discovery Methodology, our students learn how to effectively engage, get more information and set more appointments. Most importantly, these appointments actually show up. Why? Because they have been heard and understood. And, they expect to find someone with similar listening skills and empathy when they come in to the dealership.  

What are the benefits of the Guided Discovery Methodology? In a nutshell, this is a strategic learning process that does not rely on scripts or talktracks.  It enables your teams to:

  1. Effectively control and guide the call from the greeting to building value by asking zero-pressure questions.

  2. Match and mirror the caller’s behavior to probe for information that will be helpful in setting an appointment.

  3. Professionally collect name, number, and email. 

  4. Effectively deploy a delayed trial appointment technique at the right time.

  5. Overcome price, payment and availability concerns.

  6. Learn a Neuro Linguistic Programming approach to setting solid appointments with callers that are proven to show up to the dealership.

  7. Learn to create a ‘help me help you’ mindset over the phone.

With more strategic listening-focused training, your teams will be more effective and efficient.  At TotalCX, this is our learning model, and it works for dealerships nationwide. Teams learn and practice effective behavioral changes that enable them to handle almost any situation.  No script will do that. Learning how to listen and appropriately react to your callers is the best way to capture their interest and gain their trust.