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New and Improved Dashboard

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Blogs | 0 comments

When you invest in software for your business, you expect to see results.  Financial results. Maybe even improved time management results. Whatever the metric, you expect to see it reflected in the software and on the bottom line.

Introducing our new dashboard – DashboardCX.  If you’re using TotalCX, you already know that it helps you save more deals as well as time in managing customer calls and call backs. Now, you can see it even more clearly. Inspect what you expect in your customer experience with the new DashboardCX.

It’s more than just a UI upgrade, our new DashboardCX provides a modern, intuitive interface that empowers users to manage and improve their customers’ experience. The new DashboardCX introduces many productivity enhancement features including:

  • Month-over-Month comparison of KPI Metrics right out of the box with drill down capabilities to dive into the detail when needed; 
  • Always available access to the Live Panel. It can now be pinned and always visible to managers as they perform other tasks;
  • Updated Call Details Page with a modern look and improved readability and accessibility;
  • And, the enhanced Filter Panel elevates user control by providing the intuitive customization in reviewing calls and text messages.

The real benefit?  Managers will use the dashboard more frequently, and they will be able to understand and use the data better now that the information is presented in a more intuitive and flexible format. More information means better decisions, better training and better sales results and overall better experience for their customers 

When you buy TotalCX – or if you are an existing customer - a member of our Experience Management team will demonstrate how you can customize your pages for optimal engagement.  Call us today to learn more!