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Our SenseiCX Training Leader, Mark Rodriguez, Helps Dealers Shine

Since engaging with SenseiCX, under the guidance of Mark Rodriguez and Stephen Kaplus, we’ve seen a substantial improvement in our service department’s performance.

Mark’s training approach was not just effective; it was genuinely transformative. He brought a mix of responsiveness and expertise that made a significant difference in how our team handles service calls and appointments. The daily, weekly, and monthly reports provided by SenseiCX have been an eye-opener, allowing us to track our progress and identify areas for improvement consistently.

Mark’s training and the skill development programs provided by SenseiCX have empowered our team to handle customer interactions more efficiently, leading to a higher rate of appointment confirmations and fewer cancellations.

Mark Rodriguez was always accessible, ready to offer support and insights whenever we needed them. His hands-on approach and commitment to our success were evident in every interaction. The results speak for themselves, and I can’t thank Mark and the SenseiCX team enough for their contribution to our dealership’s success.