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Unlock Exceptional Customer Experiences with a Comprehensive Phone System

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Blogs | 0 comments

Phone calls play a pivotal role in shaping how customers perceive the professionalism of your dealership. Legacy phone systems facilitate calls but fail to effectively handle calls or capture valuable data to enhance customer interactions. A modern cloud platform like InteractiveTel integrates the basic calling functions empowered with AI and real-time analytics for a complete view of the customer journey. Here’s why you need an intelligent connected system.

Centralized Insights Across Channels
Individual solutions only reveal part of each customer’s experience in their own dashboards, creating blindspots. A natively integrated system combines interactions from voice, chat, key word searches, and more. The availability of omni-channel reporting fuels improvements to employee performance and customer experiences.

Unlike analog phones, advanced hosted phone systems can log comprehensive call details as well as record calls and create real-time alerts to facilitate manager engagement. With core metrics and sentiment tracking in one dashboard, you can optimize call-handling and address issues in a timely manner.

Proactive Assistance and Streamlined Workflows
Connecting platforms also enables triggering personalized, automated actions during and after calls. For example, live call alerts allow managers to assist sales reps with specific recommendations or even jump in to calls to address the caller’s specific needs.  Additionally, brief post-call surveys can capture feedback while it’s fresh to immediately address concerns. 

Finally, speech analytics applied to recordings can reveal rising complaints around a particular product before they spiral. The real-time alerts in InteractiveTel allow managers to get ahead of problems before customers defect.

Integrated systems also create smoother workflows. Agents access a complete interaction history within each screen rather than having to use multiple dashboards. This simplifies their ability to assist customers and accelerates handling time.

The InteractiveTel Advantage
With crisp call quality, broad device support, intuitive and centralized UI, InteractiveTel makes call tracking and analysis powerful as well as easy-to-use. Live alerts and AI-enabled instant call summaries allow managers to assist sales reps and customers in REAL time – nost just after the fact. CRM and DMS integrations allow dealers to capture interactions and map omnichannel journeys.

Get More from Your Phone System with InteractiveTel
In summary, modernizing your telephone  infrastructure unlocks game-changing CX potential. InteractiveTel’s connected system combines simple, reliable voice with AI-enabled, integrated analytics to optimize interactions, operations, and innovation. Take your phone system from cost center to profit driver with comprehensive call tracking and analysis.