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Why Sell Real-Time Conversation Intelligence?

by | Jan 1, 2023 | Blogs | 0 comments

Let’s face it, selling communications is hard. There are dozens of me-too offers in the marketplace. With little, if any, product differentiation, customers either choose a brand they know or a partner they like. More often than not, it won’t be you.

What if you could overcome 95 percent of sales objections with a solution that:

  • Lets your customers keep their communications systems?
  • Improves customer experience (CX) overnight regardless of their current tech stack?
  • Delivers more than traditional, CX-based ROI from process improvements, but actually helps your customer generate revenue?

Thanks to advances in real-time conversation intelligence, you can. In fact, you can deliver on all three fronts at once. Here’s what that means for you and your clients. 

What is Real-time Conversation Intelligence?

Real-time conversation intelligence, also known as real-time conversation analysis, leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze spoken or written conversations to extract meaning and insights. That extracted information is a goldmine that can dramatically boost business performance in many areas, but especially in sales and service activities.

How Real-time Conversation Intelligence Helps Your Clients

Real-time conversation intelligence identifies the emotions expressed in a conversation, the topics discussed and the relationships between the participants. The results of the analysis can be used live to:

  • Identify problems in real-time
  • Provide instant sales help and service interventions

Plus, the results of the macro analysis over time can be used to:

  • Better understand customer needs and challenges
  • Improve sales and service performance
  • Help managers identify potential problems in the workplace

Real-time conversation intelligence addresses customer experience in ways that demonstrably increase revenue through greater sales and lower customer attrition. It’s also delivered over-the-top (OTT) of their current infrastructure, which allows all your clients to access the power and benefits of real-time conversation intelligence regardless of their existing network, communications and collaboration services. 

How Real-time Conversation Intelligence Helps Channel Partners

A real-time conversation intelligence solution like the TotalCX Customer Experience Platform can help you as a service provider, agent, consultant or distributor in the IT and communications (ICT) space to grow your own businesses, too. Here are five examples:

  • End contract-based objections —Since TotalCX real-time conversation intelligence is delivered over the top of your client’s current tech stack, every prospect and customer can benefit, regardless of contract status. Contract terms and early termination penalties are significant sales challenges partners face when selling solutions like UCaaS and CCaaS, which deliver some CX capabilities. However, TotalCX real-time conversation intelligence can deliver immediate benefits no matter which solutions your clients have deployed and when those services are up for renewal. 
  • Upsell clients under your contracts – TotalCX’s over-the-top deployment model helps you upsell a client that’s under contract with hosted PBX, UCaaS or CCaaS services that you sold them and for which you’re earning MRR. The upsell also increases the value of your original contract by making it part of the revenue-generating TotalCX solution.
  • Offer ROI and mean it – Real-time conversation intelligence can deliver fast, proven ROI, so your clients’ spend objections are also easily addressed. As a self-funding solution, TotalCX’s real-time conversation intelligence engine wipes away almost all sales objections and barriers to adoption.
  • Generate a new revenue stream: Since real-time conversation intelligence is a technology-agnostic add-on service, it provides a lucrative new revenue stream that can be rolled out for new and existing customers alike. More revenue streams, particularly in services that pay for themselves, drive growth on two fronts. First, they generate new revenue directly. Second, they reduce customer attrition and resulting revenue loss.
  • Add a welcome sales pitch: Communications services have long been cost centers for businesses. With TotalCX real-time conversation intelligence, communications can be true revenue centers.The value proposition goes beyond simply enabling good customer service to driving sales and service appointments that generate revenue for your customers. This pitch is an effective door opener for companies across industries, and could be leveraged to expand your total addressable market and your revenue.

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