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Why TotalCX?

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Blogs | 0 comments

Here are your Top Twelve Reasons to deploy TotalCX in your dealership.

  1. Consolidate vendors and save money: TotalCX is the only end-to-end proprietary communications platform that combines a hosted PBX, call tracking, AI-driven analytics and reporting in a single-vendor solution.

  2. Integrations: As an automotive integrator, TotalCX pushes call recording, summaries, and text data where you need it: Automotive CRMs, Service CRMs, Scheduling Tools, and DMS platforms.

  3. Multimodal: Track desk phone, mobile app, soft phone, CRM click to call, and call tracking all in a single dashboard.

  4. Accountability: Complete visibility into your staff’s phone activity - no matter how each call was handled.
  5. Innovation: TotalCX is the AI PIONEER in automotive. Never listen to another call because you can trust the TotalCX Conversational Analytics engine to listen for you.

  6. Save deals and create revenue: TotalCX alerts management within seconds of a missed phone opportunity - so you can take action.

  7. Complete control: Our hosted PBX includes simple dealer-facing control of the system - make changes yourself or rely on TotalCX support via chat, phone, email.

  8. Unlimited EVERYTHING: No cap on phone numbers, minutes, call tracking lines, text messages, alerts, AI analysis, etc.

  9. Marketing ROI: Automatically track every call and appointment for every campaign, with cost per call and cost per appointment analysis so you know where your advertising investment is most effective.

  10. At-A-Glance Intelligence: Every call is summarized by AI and available within seconds. 

  11. Regulatory Compliance: TotalCX keeps dealers in adherence to FTC regulations.

  12. Our People: The TotalCX culture is centered around delivering exceptional customer experiences for OUR customers: our dealership partners.